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"Justice" is more than a catch word

Do you want justice through measurable and lasting change?

With "justice" being more than a catch word, your school, mental health organization, or law enforcement organization wants to make real changes that have lasting outcomes. Education and research are necessary components of changes and justice.  As an educational consultant, I can help your organization make changes and research-assess-evaluate the effectiveness of changes. 

About Me


Kimya N. Dennis, Ph.D. is an educator, community advocate, consultant, and researcher specializing in mental health, suicide and suicidal self-harm, law enforcement and legal system, sexual health and freedom, and reproductive health and freedom. This captures demographic and cultural  identities and experiences. The general population is reached with emphasis on under-served, underrepresented, and marginalized individuals, communities, and cultures. 


As an educational consultant, Dr. Dennis collaborates with colleagues and practitioners in a range of fields and areas of expertise. Dennis considers interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations important for the development and sharing of knowledge and resources. Dennis is active in the community including hosting community events, presenting at community events, and on board of directors for organizations.

Dennis does interviews and guest columns for organizations such as Mental Health America of Virginia; outlets such as HuffPost Blog,, Laura; newspapers Winston-Salem Chronicle, Winston-Salem Journal, Richmond Free Press; and 88.5 WFDD NPR, Here & Now WBUR, All Things Considered on 89.7 WOSU NPR, Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio, Strange Fruit on 89.3 WFPL


Dennis has been trained in Policy Engagement Training for Researchers, Wake Forest School of Medicine Health Equity Research Opportunity (HERO) Fellowship,  Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (A.S.I.S.T.), Advanced Issues in Suicide Intervention, Soul Shop: Ministering to Suicidal Desperation (Trainee and Trainer), Mental Health First Aid Certification, safeTALK, and SafeZone. Dennis has also volunteered with Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) for Mental Health Association in Forsyth County.

Dr. Dennis travels for consulting and speaking engagements with local, national, and international influence. 

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Dennis is a product of Richmond Public Schools. Dennis lived in North Carolina for 17 years to attain a doctorate and for a faculty position. Dennis currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Dennis’s CV/resume’ is accessible on this website as is contact information. 


Educating, Training, Consulting, and Assessing-Evaluating


Is your school, health organization, or law enforcement organization ready to initiate and implement changes and move further into justice? 

Please contact Dr. Kimya N. Dennis for consulting with the design and structure of your school, health organization, or law enforcement organization. Dennis does trainings and workshops, development and redevelopment of programs, and evaluations and assessments. 

Contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss your organization, services needed for your organization, and the cost of my services. 


Kimya N. Dennis CV/Resume' (pdf)


Examples of My Work

Honorarium Keynote Speaker  

September 2018, “Throughout College and Careers: Teaching and Training about Demographic and Cultural Variance for Health Students, Health Professionals and Health Practitioners,” 15th Annual Statewide Training Conference, Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence, Inc. (MACC), Columbus, OH  

August 2018, “Understanding mental health: Reach K-12 children and families,” Guilford County Schools, Annual Conference of School Social Workers and School Counselors, Greensboro, NC. 


December 2018, “Redefining mental health and behavioral outcomes: Cultural consciousness to better reach communities and better teach-train health students and health professionals-practitioners,” six-hour training, South Central Church of Christ, Raleigh, NC         

December 2018, “Understanding gender and reducing gender discrimination,” Guilford County Schools, Guilford County Program.

September 2018, “Difference between personal preference and official policy: School dress code,” Guilford County Schools, Greensboro, NC.

July 2018, “Personality or mental illness? Demographic and cultural variance in mental health,” Guilford County Schools, Annual Conference of School Social Workers and School Counselors, Greensboro, NC.

July 2018, “Mental health for mothers and daughters,” Honorable Youth, SG Atkins Community Development Corporation, Winston-Salem, NC

July 2018, “Community mental health,” Summer Youth Employment Program, Winston-Salem Urban League.


Research Publications

Kimya N. Dennis. November 2018. "Black Male Suicide: Inward-Expressed Frustration and Aggression” of Part 5 “The Criminal and Social Justice” In Ransaw, Gause, and Majors (eds.) Handbook of Research on Black Males. Michigan: Michigan State University Press.

Kimya N. Dennis and Kendra Jason. 2018. “Black women academics: Artistic expression through teaching, research, and activism,” Association of Black Sociologists, Issues in Race & Society: An Interdisciplinary Global Journal.

Visual Recordings of Interviews

Interviewed for Suicide Prevention Social Media (SPSM): Suicide in Marginalized Communities, September 2019.

Interviewed for American Association of Suicidology FB Live, August 2019.

Audio Recordings of Interviews

Interviewed for “Assessing 2020 presidential candidates on criminal justice reform,” NPR Here & Now, 90.9 WBUR Boston, August 2019.

Diversity 365 with Dr. Kimya Dennis, Leading in Color with Sarah Morgan Podcast, Season 1: Episode 6, May 2019

Suicide and Black America, Scholars Strategy Network, No Jargon, August 2018

Shattering Mental Health Stereotypes, Susan Lambert, LCSW: In the Balance Podcast, August 2018

61: Unclassified Woman, The Childfree with Dr. Kimya N. Dennis, Michelle Marie McGrath, June 2018

Suicides across Cultures, The Matt Townsend Show, BYU Radio, May 2018

Mental Health and Minority Communities, All Sides with Ann Fisher, WOSU-NPR, March 2018

Seeing Suicide Through A Non-White Lens, Straight Fruit: 89.3 WFPL, March 2018

Demographic and Cultural Variance in Suicide and Mental Health, All Sides with Ann Fisher, WOSU-NPR, February 2018

Most Recent Public Writings

Mental Health America of Virginia Blog

“Connecting our communities with medical-health professionals,” January 2019

Suicide isn’t just a ‘white people thing,’” The Conversation: Academic rigor, journalistic flair, February 2018

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